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Welcome to the Official Website of Aero Club of India             FAI licence issued by ACI is meant only to take part in National and International FAI Championships; Persons found misusing the card will be Banned from all future games.


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1. The particulars of organizations duties:



NEW DELHI-110003

Duties and its objectives are at Annexure-A


2. Powers & duties of its officers & employees - Annexure-B


3. The procedure followed in the decision making and accountability

Aero Club of India is an Apex body of its 22 Flying Clubs/Institutions & 23 Aerosports Organisations. All the decisions are taken by Council of Management, which also include a member each from all the member flying clubs/institute, 2members from MoCA and a member from DGCA. In addition 7 members are elected amongst the General Body of ACI Bi-anually.

4. Norms set for discharge of functions
As laid down in the Constitution and Memorandum of Association, a copy of which is at Annexure-C


5. Rules, regulations and manuals held by the organization for discharging functions Constitution of the Aero Club, Memorandum of Articles, General Financial Rules, EPF Rules,

6. Statement of types of documents held by it such as Rules, Regulations, Policies, Acts, Agreements, Committee Reports etc. As above

7. Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by the members of Public in relation to the formulation of policies.: NIL


8. A statement of Board, Councils, Committees and other bodies constituting of 2members or more, constituted as its part for the purpose of advice and as to whether such Boards are open to public or the meetings of are accessible for public. Meetings conducted by Council of Management, General Body Meeting etc are not open to public. However its minutes are uploaded on the Website for public view


9. Directory of its officers and employees As per Annexure-D


10. Monthly remuneration received by each Officer and employees including the system of compensation provided in the regulations Document attached (31 March 2015) Annexure-E.


11. Budget allocation ACI has no budget of its own

12. Manner of subsiding programme including the amounts allocated and details of beneficiaries of such programme. ACI does not deal with such programme. Whatever Grant-in-Aid is received from the MoCA is utilized for procurement of Aerosports equipment including Trainer Aricraft. Which are distributed to Member Flying Clubs and Aerosports Organisations and utilization certificate sent to MoCA. Utilisation of Aerosports equipment is sought from the beneficiaries of such equipment and reports sent to the DGCA/MoCA


13. Particulars of recipients of concessions or authorization granted by it. However, distribution of Assets is attached as Annexure-F.

14. Details in respect of information available or held by it, reduced in an electronic form-Home Page may referred to.


15. Particulars of facilities available to Sr Citizens for obtaining information including working hours of a Library or a Reading Room , if maintained for public use: Nil

16. Name, Designation and other particulars of the PIO: Ms Anisha Suresh, Secretary

17. Such other information as may be prescribed and thereafter update these publications every year:
Since the ACI website is still in infancy stage no other information is ready for publication on to the Website. However, efforts would be made to keep all the information current

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