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Welcome to the Official Website of Aero Club of India             FAI licence issued by ACI is meant only to take part in National and International FAI Championships; Persons found misusing the card will be Banned from all future games.




Aero Sports encompasses all sports activities in the medium of air right from Aeromodelling to Space Travel and occupies a unique position in a very large number of Countries. Competitions, Meets, Seminars rallies and races are held regularly every year in various branches of aero sports at National and International levels. Apart from these events attempts are made for establishing world Records in many fields of Aero sports in distance, speed, altitude and duration of time and accuracy etc.
The main aim and objectives of ACI are:

To encourage, protect and develop the study and practice of Aeronautics and Aviation in India and to provide a Centre of Information and advice on all matters pertaining to Aeronautics;

To provide an All India authority to organize all Competitions, sporting events and controls in connection with Aero sports in India;

To ensure, as the representative of FAI in India, that the rules and regulations and standards prescribed by FAI for the conduct of the Aero sports Competitions, are compiled with;

To be the Co-ordinating representative body of various Clubs engaged in Aero sports activities in India and also to provide liaison with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Directorate General of Civil Aviation and other Government Departments and also the various Ministries in connection with these activities;

To supervise and accord recognition to record making flights and maintain National Register on records.

To endorse competitors enabling them to participate in International competitions under various FAI categories.

Create airmindedness and passion amongst children about aerosports in India



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